Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years. With the ever-increasing technological advancements, security cameras are now more effective than ever. While the older technology-based analog and digital cameras continue to be used, IP and high-definition cameras are becoming more popular due to their video quality, customization options, and analytics capabilities.

The Best In Design

Copp Systems engineers are experts in designing surveillance systems for your specific environment that give you the best coverage for the best price. Our team works with you to define your needs and will work within your budget to determine the best video surveillance solution for you. We will determine the type of cameras and installation locations that will work best in meeting your surveillance requirements.

Surveillance Camera Solutions includes:

Copp Alert Live Event Video Monitoring Services

The Copp Alert Service is based on an event-triggered surveillance system featuring intelligent IP camera systems with in-camera analytics and artificial intelligence which can detect intruders on your property and signal an event alert that engages live event video monitoring.

With Copp Alert live event video monitoring services, event-triggered surveillance threats can be detected and responded to in real-time. Copp Alert increases your property's protection level and can reduce your overall security costs. Our Copp Alert service takes care of all your business's video surveillance needs, from video surveillance system design, installation to implementation, live event monitoring, and maintenance.


Copp Alert Audio Talk Down Service

Copp Alerts audio talk down service works in tandem with Copp Alert's live event video monitoring services by confronting intruders with live remote messaging via PA speakers. Copp Alerts Audio Talk Down service can deter incidents and thefts, as well as preventing after-hours loitering on your property.


Video Patrol Service

We can automatically connect to your cameras to patrol your facility at scheduled times throughout the night, day, or weekend. Our video patrol service is more effective than an on-site security guard and much more affordable!

Video Surveillance Preventative Maintenance

With a preventative maintenance contract, our service team will visit your site at scheduled times throughout the year to inspect, clean, test, and verify the correct operation of all components on your surveillance system.

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