Nurse Call Systems

Expand and enhance the capabilities of your support systems for acute hospital care and specialized care facilities with a broad range of nurse call and communications systems. Copp Systems provides a complete line of innovative communication systems to address the unique requirements of today’s healthcare facilities. Staff can be alerted via mobile device or communicate with other staff members or patients via wireless phones or intercoms.

Our nurse call, digital duplex intercom, and room status systems focus on streamlining communications from patient to staff and staff-to-staff for increased patient and staff satisfaction while driving efficiency at the point of care. Copp’s nurse call systems provide the real-time location of your staff, helping your nursing team provide a faster response time to patients. Staff needing assistance can also ascertain at a glance exactly where coworkers are so they can ask for help. Paging, wireless phones, door controls, and the monitoring of medical equipment can also be integrated into these systems.

We can help you develop a new system or provide service to your existing nurse call system. Our fully trained service technicians are available 24/7 to help you recover a failed system, and all of our systems are either UL 1069 or UL 2560 certified.

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