What is Managed Service?

Managed service refers to business owners outsourcing their IT services to a third-party known as a managed IT service provider. These providers assume full responsibility for the development and maintenance of the business’s IT services.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in integrated IT solutions, partnering with Copp Systems is having your own professional IT department. Our services are structured, so they all work together to provide complete coverage for your business operations. We will customize an IT platform that aligns with your business goals, from driving innovation and productivity to boosting sales and growth.

Copp Systems delivers a diverse array of managed services such that a Client can build a program that fits exactly what they need and pays monthly instead of up front. Our business is not constrained by agency, distributor, or reseller relationships with telephone companies or hardware manufacturers. We believe in looking out for our Clients without any distraction. We are your Trusted Advisor, and as such, can build a suite of managed services completely independent of third-party influence.

Managed Services:

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