Commercial Fire Alarms

Preventing death, injury, and property damage from fire and smoke begins with installing and maintaining a facility's fire alarm systems. Copp Systems comprehensive fire and safety systems enable you to detect fires and respond immediately. Quickly notify occupants, monitor the fire spread, and facilitate the safe, orderly evacuation of your facility.

Our NICET certified fire engineer and expert fire alarm technicians will design, install and service your commercial fire alarms. These technicians perform annual fire alarm inspections for compliance with state regulations and semi-annual inspections for those whose insurance companies require it

Our Commercial Fire Alarms Services:

What Are the Types of Fire Alarms?

Conventional Fire Alarm

Conventional fire alarm systems have been around for many decades and are still frequently installed in smaller-sized commercial facilities. They work by splitting the structure into zones featuring fire detection sensors hard-wired into a fire control panel. The issue with conventional fire alarm systems is that they cannot indicate the specific sensor in the zone triggering the alarm, making it difficult to pinpoint the fire's exact location.

Benefits of a Conventional Fire Alarm System

Disadvantages of a Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Fire Alarm

Addressable (or Intelligent) fire alarms are the standard in the fire alarm industry and are ideal for medium to large commercial buildings. One of the many advantages of an addressable fire alarm system is that each connected device has a unique address that identifies it and its exact location within the building perimeter. When a detection device triggers a fire event, this unique address shows the exact location in the building where the detection occurred, helping emergency responders quickly locate the fire. This reduces the emergency responder's primary search time. Locating a fire quickly can save lives and minimize damage to the building.

Addressable Alarms Reduce Cost Of Fire Alarm Repairs And Maintenance

Each detection and notification device are interconnected and to the central addressable fire alarm control panel. The fire alarm panel is constantly sending messages to monitor the performance and condition of each device independently. If for any reason, a device does not respond, the fire control panel will indicate a problem at that device's address. Certified fire alarm technicians can go right to the problem device's location and resolve the issue with the device.

Benefits of an Addressable Fire Alarm System

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