Intrusion and Burglar Alarms

Burglar AlarmsProperty protection often requires more than video surveillance, especially for larger or more remote areas. Intrusion and burglar alarms give you a combination of camera and perimeter protection to detect if someone tries to cut or crash through a fence or other barrier.

At Copp Systems, we use perimeter alarm assessments, perimeter radar technology, motion detection, door/window sensors, perimeter sensors, CCTV, and even photoelectric and infrared technology to protect both a facility and its perimeter. We can even develop and install vehicle access systems to monitor and control vehicle traffic into and inside the perimeter.

We also offer a wide variety of interior, mobile sensors and alarm sensors. These range from panic and hold-up alarms to weight sensors in cash drawers. We can even supply wireless pendants that managers or supervisors can employ in the event of an emergency or intrusion. Easily monitor alarms from – or have alerts sent to – any mobile device.

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