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Access ControlDo you know who’s inside your facility right now? Keeping your staff and property safe begins with a solid, well-designed access control system. Electronic access control allows organizations to track employee access, restrict unauthorized visitors, and protect access to sensitive areas. You can also generate traffic reports to determine daily and weekly facility traffic and monitor increased or decreased activity in key areas. Systems can be monitored remotely from a laptop or tablet. Buildings can be locked down with the touch of a button. Eliminate lock smith costs to re-key your facility when employees leave your employment. Employee keys are replaced with credentials for access.

Access ControlCopp Systems can install all components, including the door readers, which can be a standard card reader or even something as sophisticated as a retina or fingerprint scanner. Often, our customers integrate CCTV with their access control systems so that when a customer swipes a card, cameras capture their image as they enter. This provides an easy and automated way to verify that visitors are using cards assigned to the correct card holder.  We can also connect multiple facilities under one security system, so you can manage a complete system for your entire organization from a single location.

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