Fire Alarms

Fire AlarmPreventing death, injury and property damage from fire and smoke begins with the installation and maintenance of a facility’s fire alarm systems. Copp Systems’ comprehensive fire and safety systems enable you to detect fires and respond immediately. Quickly notify occupants, monitor the spread of the fire and facilitate the safe, orderly evacuation of your facility.

Copp services range from the wiring of smoke detectors to the installation of pull stations, sprinkler system devices such as flow valves and tamper switches, pump running monitoring, and fire annunciators (or command centers) which can tell you in which zone(s) fire has been detected. Our alarm systems are easy to use and provide total accuracy for both firefighters and your staff. From flexible architecture to cost-saving installation features, our intelligent fire detection and alarm systems support a broad range of facilities and applications.

Our NICET certified fire sales engineer and fire alarm technicians will design, install and service your alarms. These technicians perform annual fire alarm inspections for compliance to state regulations, and semi-annual inspections for those whose insurance companies require it. Our service programs ensure that systems operate at peak performance by following a preventive maintenance schedule, and by making needed repairs quickly and affordably.

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