Emergency and Mass Notifications

Mass NotificationsDisaster comes in many forms – severe weather, armed intruders, toxic spills or gas leaks – and when these events occur, the faster your organization can communicate with its staff and visitors, the more lives and property may be saved.

Copp’s emergency and mass notification systems are designed to help you get messages where and when they are needed most. This system can even utilize your existing infrastructure, such as voice systems, LED signage, and LAN networks. For instance, in the event of a campus shooting, an integrated communication system will get the message to all staff and students to lock their doors and avoid the campus if possible. To achieve this, it will send notifications to every university video display, computer monitor, student mobile device, and also broadcast this message to a PA system.

This mass notification system begins with the installation of a server at your location which houses the software. The software gives you access to messaging protocols through networked computers, phones and wireless devices, allowing you to initiate communications through the server from remote locations. This fully integrated mass notification system can also include public warning systems, emergency lighting, burglar alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance, access control and more.

To discuss your organization’s interest or requirements for a Copp Integrated Systems mass notification system, please contact us.

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