The Seven Deadly Sins of Building Security

The best security systems are created long before any wire is laid or monitor is installed. Copp Integrated Systems understands the importance of the proper design to fit the client.  We found this interesting article from CSO Online that points out some common mistakes that businesses make when planning for building security.  The article reads…

You’ve got a few security guards and your CCTV system is up to snuff. You’ve got your building security covered, right? Think again. While many organizations are taking the steps to ensure their building is secure, many are ignoring basic pieces of the puzzle that is physical security in and around a facility.

Tim Giles, a security consultant and author of ‘How to Develop and Implement a Security Master Plan,’ was once in charge of all IBM Security operations for the US and Canada and today advises clients about how to design a security plan that fits the risk-level and needs of their building. He gave CSO a run down of some common missteps organizations make when devising a building security plan…

Read the entire article here.

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