The New Era of Retail Loss Prevention

Our retail clients know that not all security and theft threats come from outside their stores. Often, there are internal threats within the operation itself. We found an interesting article in the April 2013 issue of Security Today that shows the extraordinary steps that the food chain Subway is taking to keep a firm handle on this threat. It details exactly the kind of surveillance system that Copp Integrated Systems can provide for your retail company.  Here’s an excerpt from the article.

EZUniverse Inc., a software development company and Independent Purchasing Cooperative Inc. (IPC), the independent Subway franchisee-owned purchasing cooperative, revealed cooperation details regarding a ground-breaking store management platform called Subway Loss Prevention Surveillance System – now available to all 38,000 Subway restaurants worldwide.

“Subway Loss Prevention Surveillance System is a great tool that helps franchisees view and manage their stores remotely from their home or their office. You can take a look at the key POS reports without having to go to a store and looking at it on your POS system,” added SUBWAY Surveillance Program Manager, Frank Panikulam. “It is more than just watching video. It’s all about the corresponding POS transactional data that goes with the video, which provides the franchisee a more complete picture of what’s happening in their store. With the powerful loss prevention tools that we have, a franchisee has the ability to look at reports and quickly identify those suspicious transactions that merit further scrutiny and potentially reveal a problem at the store.”

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