How to Optimize Your Video Management System

Campus Safety Magazine is a leading resource for security in hospitals, schools, and universities, but the advice they give in this article is sound for any business considering a video management system.  The article reads, in part:

Today end users are increasingly aware that an optimal return on their investment not only depends on the price of the product, but also on additional costs like training of employees and support calls. Consider these fundamentals:

  1. Return on investment (ROI) means getting the most out of the security system investment over the longest period of time possible. Is the system scalable, flexible and able to be integrated with other systems and multiple brands of devices? In other words, is it open platform and future-proof?
  2. Training costs will relate to the ease-of-use with the surveillance system. The less training needed to operate the system, the more efficient the customer can be in operating the system — especially if there is a lot of personnel turnover. Integrators should provide customers with an interface that is available in multiple languages and adapts to different skill levels for each user, individually or in groups.
  3. Because unnecessary features can make a system exceedingly complex, integrators should provide tiered product offerings that allow an end user to select the level of software that best suits their needs. This allows for system upgrades over time as needs evolve and expand.

To read the entire article, click here.

Copp Integrated Systems are not only specialists in installing security systems, but also in the extensive planning process beforehand. It is important that you find the system that is the right financial fit for your business. We will help you find that balance.

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