Here are some typical questions we’re asked about the services and products we provide. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us and we’ll answer your question promptly.

 Q: Do you only serve commercial clients?

A:  Yes, Copp Systems is a business-to-business company.

Q: We have an event requiring digital signage and advanced audio and visual equipment. Can you work with our existing equipment to suit our needs?

A:  We’d be glad to. Learn more about our audio-video solutions here, and contact us here if you’d like to speak to us about your specific project.

Q: Is equipment available for rent for special events, or does it need to be purchased?

A:  While the bulk of our products are primarily for purchase, we do offer a limited amount of equipment for rental purposes. Click here to contact us so we can discuss the specifics.

Q: We have an existing access system, but are exploring other options. Do you also provide security system consulting?

A:  Yes of course. We can service almost any existing system and provide free consultations for upgrades. Learn more about our security solutions here.

Q: Can I have your team install a system I bought from another provider?

A:  We can install your equipment. Learn more here. However, there are many warranty advantages to source your equipment through Copp. Call us and we let us explain the advantages.

Q: Do your maintenance plans require multi-year contracts or commitments?

A:  Our maintenance plans offer substantial savings for multi-year agreements versus shorter one-year terms. And, we believe that, when planning for maintenance, it is in your best interests to plan for the long-term future.

Q: What is the typical scope of a surveillance project?

A:  A CCTV or Video surveillance system is comprised of digital recording devices (DVR’s, NVR’s, Servers), power supplies, cameras, software to control, view and remote connections to view video from smartphones and tablets. Learn more about our video surveillance options here.

Q: I’m concerned that I have a project that may be too large or too small for Copp Systems to handle. Should I inquire anyway?

A:  We can assist you with any size solution. We have a lot of experience with medium to enterprise systems. It doesn’t matter what size your company is, at some point you will need a solution large or small. Copp has the experience and interest in helping you.

Q: Do I need to purchase hardware directly from the manufacturer, or will you handle that?

A:  Copp is flexible with providing the most efficient solution. Most of the time, our clients have us take responsibility for navigating the sometimes complex solutions to determine the best-fit approach.

Q: Do you provide training on the systems you install?

A:  Our technicians are certified and will include and provide training on all system installation.

Contact Copp Systems for a free consultation at 937-228-4188.

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